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At Coronado Cars, we appreciate all feedback we receive, as we continually strive to provide the best service to fulfill our customers’ needs. If you would like to leave your own feedback, please rate us on Facebook, Google Plus, or Contact Us.


We rented regular cars from these guys before and they have done an excellent job! Also, I recommended them to my sister while she was visiting and she loved their personalized service. They even found her a golf cart so she could run around with my nephews! Thanks for doing a great job!

Roberto Coronado Car Rental Satisfied Customer August 19, 2015

We have rented from Josh few times and we had a very nice experience all the time. Its very convenient to have this service in Coronado. Josh is very friendly and efficient. Great Service!!!

Casey Coronado Car Rental Satisfied Customer July 4, 2015

Josh and team are friendly and flexible. The cars are clean and well kept. We have rented from them twice and will be again this month. It is especially nice to have the car dropped off and picked up if you are in Coronado or relatively close… Thanks!

Maryann Coronado Car Delivery Satisfied Customer July 4, 2015

On the spur of the moment, I decided to go to Los Santos for Corpus Christi. Having just met Natalie for Coronado Cars, I called her at 4 pm to get a car ASAP. By 6 pm, I was in a nice, solid SUV. The delivery up to El Valle saved me a lot of time and stress. The vehicle handled well and was very comfortable. I highly recommend Coronado Cars.

Mark El Valle SUV Delivery Satisfied Customer June 12, 2015

“We own a 2nd home in Coronado, and we make it down a couple of times a year, and we often rent a car at the airport, however on this occasion we were just too tired from the flight(s), to deal with the car rental… In any event, we contacted Josh and he delivered the car to our home the very next morning..!! A few weeks later, he came and picked it up and we caught a shuttle back to the airport 😉 Excellent service, and we would highly recommend them.”

Dan Playa Coronado Delivery Satisfied Customer May 23, 2015

“When we moved to Panama from Canada, our Property Manager highly recommended Coronado Cars. We were not disappointed. This car rental company well exceeded our service expectation. Another feather-point on why one should move to Panama. Thank you Josh!!!”

Marvin Car Rental Satisfied Customer May 23, 2015

“We rented a car from Josh for a month this past winter. Josh delivered the car to our house in Coronado and then picked it up at the end of the rental period. The vehicle was in perfect mechanical order, clean and safe. Rental rate was “all in”, no surprises. I highly recommend Coronado Cars to anyone.”

Robert Car Rental Satisfied Customer May 23, 2015

“We rented a SUV for a month. We organized a pickup at the airport and our vehicle was a our house when we arrived in Coronado. We had a small battery issue that was fixed immediately, in fact When I went to start the vehicle at a local store it wouldn’t start, so I called Josh and he was over in less than 10 minutes to give us a boost and get the vehicle to our house where the battery was replaced! Excellent service and you pay what is quoted, no hidden fees. We look forward to returning to Panama in October and will definitely use Coronado Cars again. I highly recommend using business for all your car rental needs!”

Brenda Playa Coronado Delivery Satisfied Customer May 23, 2015

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