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You don’t come to Coronado without heading to the beach at some point. It’s an unspoken requirement, if you weren’t aware. What used to be a beach getaway predominantly for Panama residents, Coronado has transformed into a popular (but still restful) beach getaway location for people from across the globe.

Panama rests in a southerly direction, which means  you can enjoy the glow of the sunrise and sunset reflecting on Pacific waters while you dig your toes in the black-and-white beach sand.  If you’re looking for a more popular beach area, then the Coronado Golf and Beach Resort may be the kind of place you want to relax. However, if you’re looking for something quieter and less traveled, consider renting a beach condo directly from the owner, for access to quiet sands right outside your back door.



Other beaches in the area may be to your liking as well. If you’re looking for something untapped by resorts, then check out Playa Las Lajas, an eight mile beach found in the Gulf of Chiriqui. The low current makes it an ideal location for swimming and body surfing. Or soak in the sounds of the water while you relax under little rustic shacks or indulge in local cuisine from small, undiscovered restaurants along the beach.

If you want beach time and maybe a little bit of exploration, visit Isla Taboga just outside Panama City. The small village has old world charm, and the second-oldest church in the western hemisphere. The top of the island has an amazing view of Panama City and the beach area is popular for riding jet skis, basking in the sun, spending the afternoon on a fishing charter or cruising around the bay in a speedboat.

Surfing enthusiasts may want to head to Santa Catalina, also located in the Gulf of Chiriqui. While the town is rather undeveloped by means of amenities, this is an international surfing hot spot. But the beach is quiet and surrounded by lush jungle forests. And, not to mention, the stellar curls!

Looking for complete separation from the world? For a small fee, the indigenous people of the San Blas Islands – the Kuna – will grant exclusive access to one of their many small tropical islands for a day. It’s a great way to get some peace and quiet, and immerse yourself in the culture of these great people.

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