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Location / Getting Here

Panama is the only place in the world where you can sip your morning coffee on the Pacific, enjoy lunch on the Atlantic, and then adventure back for dinner on the Pacific. We bet you can’t wait to experience this, which is why we help make Getting Here just as fun and easy as Getting Around.

Optima Business Center in the Super 99 Shopping Center
Pan-American Street and Roberto Eisemann Avenue
2nd Floor Office #35b in the Coronado Mall
Phone: 507-202-0359
Fax: 507- 345-3160
Mailing Address
PTY 14379
2250 NW. 114th Ave. Unit 1P
Miami, FL 33172


Store Hours

Mon – Fri:  8am – 5pm

Saturdays & Sundays:  Drop-off and Pick-up service only. Please call, email or fill out a Contact form to make arrangements.

Before 8am & After 5pm Daily:  Please call, email or fill out a Contact form to make arrangements.

Flying from the U.S.

For the least expensive flights, look into Spirit Airlines (you’re better off visiting the website for more flight options than using a third party resource like Expedia).  Spirit has extremely affordable flights from Fort Lauderdale, Florida into Panama City. Keep in mind, however, that you give up luxury for an inexpensive option. Checked luggage and preferred seating cost extra and there are no in-flight meals.

If you travel to Panama frequently for business and the like, Copa Airlines offers benefits for frequent fliers. You won’t have any problems finding flights with most of the major airlines if you’re willing to spend more. Additionally, if your travel dates are flexible, you can find better rates during Panama’s off-season from April to October (flight prices are at the highest during fall and winter months, as most tourists hit Panama to warm up during the colder seasons).

You’ll fly into Tocumen International Airport (IATA: PTY), which is 15 miles outside Panama City.

Bus Service to Coronado

You can take the bus into Coronado, which will drop you off at the main junction in town. This is the cheapest option, however, you will need to get from the airport to the bus depo by taxi (which could cost $20 or more) and then there are a number of stops along the way, so the trip could take upwards of two hours. This is especially true if you take a “Coasters” bus (20 passengers) because the drive is less direct and has several stops.

Driving to Coronado

If you choose to rent a car and drive to Coronado from Panama City yourself, you’ll find most major car rental services at the airport. For the most part, renting a car at the airport is the same as if you were doing so in the States.

However, you’ll find that there are many hidden fees at the major car rental services in the airport. Even when a rental service advertises extremely inexpensive daily rates, you may find yourself paying twice as much when it’s all said and done to cover insurance and the like. Additionally, there are no drop-off locations for major car rental providers in Coronado, so you will need to rent the car for the entirety of your stay and return it to the airport when you depart.

If you decide to drive into Coronado yourself, however, avoid doing so at night – there are just too many opportunities to get lost on the way to Coronado when the dark impedes your vision. Additionally, avoid traveling in the city between 5PM-7PM as traffic during these peak hours is extremely difficult to manage for someone unfamiliar with the area. Some say it’s not worth it to leave Panama City after 3PM on a weekday.

As you head out of the city, we first recommend that you spend an extra  $10-$20 and hire a taxi to lead you to the Bridge of the Americas (the last bridge you need to cross to leave Panama City). If you choose not to do this, these directions may help:

  • Take the toll road from the airport to the city (there are two toll stops)
  • Follow the signs to Cinta Costera, which runs next to the water
  • Stay in your left lane as you pass the arena
  • Exit left onto Puente de Americas (PanAmerican Highway)
  • Follow the road over the bridge and up a small mountain

Once you cross the bridge, the majority of your drive is uneventful, with the exception of one turn about 12 minutes into your drive (again, you could miss this turn at night). The PanAmerican Highway splits rather suddenly near the area of Arraijan; be sure to keep to the left and don’t exit the highway. After about 40 minutes of serene coastal driving, you’ll come to Coronado and it’s unlikely that you’ll miss the signs.

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