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Frequently Asked Questions


We DO NOT have a minimum coverage package all our vehicles come with the highest full coverage policy available to us in Panama! Included coverages- Liability/Property damage/Bodily Harm Medical- x.persons/x. accident $100,000/$300,000- Max for Panama Bodily injury liability covers an at-fault driver so they don't have out-of-pocket expenses for others' emergency and ongoing medical expenses, loss of income and funeral costs. It also helps cover the policyholder’s legal fees when the accident results in a lawsuit. Property damage liability helps cover costs such as repairing a home or retail establishment damaged by a vehicle crash and repairing the vehicles of other drivers involved in the accident. $1000 Deductible Collision- Collision insurance coverage pays for damage caused to the vehicle in an automobile accident, when you are "at fault". Collision insurance will pay for any repairs up to the value of the car. $750 Deductible Comprehensive- comprehensive covers damage caused to the vehicle caused by any unknown party or "act of God”. Vandalism, flood, hurricane, theft, falling objects and fire are all events usually covered by comprehensive automobile insurance. Vehicle must not be in motion at the time of the event. Insurance or police report must be summited for coverage. comprehensive coverage will pay up to the market value of the car $300 Deductible. Theft or loss of vehicle- Full replacement value of vehicle $300 Deductible Accidental death driver- $10,000 paid to family of driver Broken or cracked windows or winshields- $200 Deductible 24 hour roadside assistance- Express service- insurance agent will respond to the scene of accident fill out accident reports and protect against false claims of fault. tel 800-4400- 265-2881- 6223-8629
AccordioAll our vehicles are equipped with Panapass for the toll roads of Corridor Sur and Corridor Norte in Panama City. If you think you will be using these roads in Panama city you will need to pre load the Panapass. You can pre load the pass in $5 increments thru the extras category when making your reservation, at our office, or the pass can be loaded as desired at any grocery store, gas station, or pay kiosks. Average toll is $1.00US
Never accept amicable arrangements or assume any responsibility for the accident. Notify the Panamanian Transit Authority (ATTT) to send an agent to write the police report (511-7000 / 511-0547) Report immediately to our office by calling 6223-8629. Take pictures of the cars and crash site. Try also lifting a sketch. Once the ATTT agent completes your report, go to our office location to fill an internal accident report and proceed with changing the unit. If there are no injuries and the car can be driven, remove it from the road to avoid obstructing traffic. The insurance will assign a attorney to handle all details following the accident. No need to do anything else!
Renter is only responsible for the deductibles if they are at fault. An accident report showing the other drivers fault and insurance will be needed. In the case you're at fault or caused small damages to the vehicle (Like backing into a pole). Accidents happen We understand! We will work with you and your credit card company or any form of travelers insurance to turn in the necessary paperwork needed for reimbursement from your credit card or travelers insurance.
We are not the type of rental company that is the business of making money off of damages. We encourage our renters to take photos of damages to the vehicle at the time of rental. If you have new damages when you return the vehicle we will quote you the best cost possible to repair(body work in panama is very cheap and we use one the the cheapest possible repair companies to quote for damages). We will also supply you with any documentation required by your credit card company so you can get full reimbursement.
Simple call us or the number of insurance provided. A service vehicle will come to you anywhere in Panama free of charge. Tire changes, lost keys (replacement cost of the key not included), dead battery or mechanical faults. Tow truck back to the office is provided if needed so we can proceed to change out the unit. (Mechanical faults or immobility caused by renting party may be subject to insurance deductible or repair cost).
Minimum required age is 25 years or older. Customers with ages between: * 21-24 years have an additional charge of $ 5.00 per day plus tax. Must submit a valid Visa or Master credit card.
Client must present a major credit card Visa or MasterCard and valid driver’s license. Non-Panamanians must also present a valid passport.
Yes cash may be used as a form of payment. Valid Visa or MasterCard is still required for the reservation and Full payment of Reservation at time of pickup. $500 cash deposit required without Valid Visa or MasterCard. Without a valid credit card there is a 3 day minimum reservation required.
No extra cost. The additional driver is the responsibility of the renting person on contract and must meet the minimum age requirement of 25 and have a valid driver’s license.
We refund any deposit taken at the time of return of the vehicle.
No. You can only use your rented vehicle within the limits of the Republic of Panama. Sorry this is Panama law. You must be the owner of the vehicle to cross borders.
A booking can be changed up to 24 hours before the start of the rental or in the event of Flight/travel delays at the moment of delays (on availability) no additional charge-. Any payment already made towards the rental will not be refunded; nor shall any differential amount be refunded if this alteration leads to a lesser rental cost.
A booking can be cancelled 24 hours before the rental begins- No charge In the event of cancellation, any payment in advance already made towards the rental shall be paid back. Cancellations can be made via email to info@coronadocarrental.com

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